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Training & Development

Training and development:
Captain has a comprehensive training system, including employee orientation, skills training, etc., and can participate in a variety of internal and external training courses, conferences and other projects.  Those training to support staff to get a good development in the professional knowledge and skills.    Of course, the employees in the practical work experience will undoubtedly also played a huge role in their career development.
Captain is committed to provide security for the growth and development of all employees. The so-called development, for employees of different positions and to determine their own learning needs, has a different connotation. Overall, the Captain development is a core competence of staff training, this capability is critical to personal and business success. Captain staff development can also be enhancements to an employee-specific knowledge and skills, the knowledge and skills of employees and management are recognized as essential to career and professional development.

Captain has a perfect evaluation system, the progress of the implementation of individual work effectively follow-up and control, discover talents, enhance communication and motivation. Excellent staff can not only grow with the company, but also can get the company's dividend and other incentives.

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