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Data & Statistics

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Data & Statistics

Full Clinical Data Management Services:

CRF design and Annotation
Database design and testing
Data verification of logic programming and testing
EDC design and implementation, training and technical support
CRF and DCF Management
External data management
Double data entry
Data Validation & Discrepancy Management
Data modification recording and archiving
External data consistency checks
SAE consistency check
Quality control of key variables in the research process
Progress report on the data management of the research process
Medical coding 
Data management auditing and quality control
Data auditing and reporting before Locked
Database lock
Data Transfer
Study document maintenance, retrieval, archiving and destruction
Statistical Analysis Services:

Provide support for the I-VI clinical trials of therapeutic areas
Meets regulatory bodies to discuss the clinical development strategy
For protocol designed provide statistical advice
Sample size and dose estimation
Blind and drugs make up blind
Developing a statistical analysis plan
Developing a statistical chart template
Using SAS, quadratic programming and the cross validation reports
Create CDISC SDTM/AdaM and analysis of data sets
Market research data analysis
Independent statistical analysis reports and clinical summary report
Interim analysis
An analysis of the data and the DSMB

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